Sunday, January 3, 2010

Q&A: The all-girl band Lovie!

I've been blessed to not only meet the great gals of the great band Lovie, but also to have performed with Rebec and Leanna live. They're an amazing band, and amazing women who not only can rock, but also make very beautiful songs as well. i'm also happy to report they are fellow Daisy Rock artists now, just like me. =] They're uber-cool and you should check them out live and on CD after reading this neat-o interview I did with Rebec. Cool rock-n-roll girls like Lovie are truly very endangered.

Q: how hard is it to juggle a band, kids, husband and a job?

Rebec: It's not hard at all because I have a kick ass husband who supports me and my band 100%. Most of my LOVIE activities take place after the kids' bedtime, so that helps. The sucky part is that my husband doesn't always get to come to Lovie gigs if we play on a school night. He'll stay at home instead of getting a sitter. - The most challenging part is finding time to write new songs. It's kind of loud and distracting at home with 3 kids and 2 dogs.

Q: what's your songwriting process like? what do you write about?

Rebec: Mostly I write about our keyboard player's failed relationships. But now that she's happy and all, I guess I have to find a new friend in a disasterous relationship. I find it's much easier to write about someone else's situations than my own. Sometimes I write the music first. I had the music for our song "Mindreader" for almost a year before I found lyrics that I was happy with. Sometimes the lyrics come first. Quite frequently a song comes to me based on a convesation I've had with someone or one that I've overheard, but I do have a few songs that are autobiographical.

Q: what sort of guitar do you play and why? do you have a favourite guitar if you own more than one and why?

Rebec: I used to play my Gibson SG exclusively until this really great/funny/cool guy named Darlington suggested that I send a press kit to Daisy Rock Guitars to see if Lovie could get an endorsement... and TAHDAH!! Lovie are now officially Daisy Rock Guitar artists!!! (so thanks to Darlington for the kick in the pants to get that ball rolling!) Now I play a Daisy Rock electric. It's called the Siren and the color is Vivacious Violet. I've named her Violet Novella. She's pretty. I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship!

Q: what sort of guitar amp do you use and why? do you use effects pedals? why or why not?

Rebec: Currently playing through Fender Ultimate Chorus combo amp. solid state. It is my first amp. I bought it used for $200 bucks off of El Gato's lead singer/guitar player about 11 years ago. I've been considering getting a new amp lately, but my new Daisy Rock seems to have brought some life back into the ol' Fender Chorus... Thinking I might like a Fender Hot Rod Deluxe combo some day. I like the sound of the Fender amps. My effects are simple: clean and distorted. I play through a Big Muff distortion pedal and I'm still experimenting to find a just-right overdrive.

Q: how long have you been playing guitar and singing?

Rebec: Lovie is the first band to which all of us Lovie girls have belonged, but I got my first acoustic guitar when I was 23. Started teaching myself chords and cover songs with the help of some of my guy friends. Once I figured out how to play a barre chord I started putting my poetry to simple chord structures. That's when my love for song-writing began.

Q: what sort of difficulties are there in an all-girl band that all-guy bands don't have to deal with?

Rebec: WHAT TO WEAR!!! that's the biggest difficulty of being in an all-girl band...trying to figure out what to wear to the show. Often on gig day, I'll get a call from all of the other Lovies asking, "what are you wearing tonight?" And then we realize we are all out at a mall trying to find something.

Q: what are the best things about having an all-girl band?

Rebec: We get a lot of offers to help us load our gear in and out of clubs/on and off the club members of other bands on the bill for that night. It's really awesome! And we're really grateful!

Q: have you been on tour yet? where to?

Rebec: Lovie plays predominantly in Dallas. But we've played in Austin and Houston, Fort Worth and Denton and last May we played at Arlene's Grocery in NYC. Our plan was to set up a mini-tour to-and-from NYC, but in the end, we chose to fly.

Q: any crazy touring or concert experiances you can share with us?

Rebec: We flew all the way to NYC to play a 30 minute set for a music festival, and after sitting through three hours of other bands and a schedule running desperately behind, Lovie ended up only getting to play 4 songs. The band that was supposed to play before us didn't show back up at the club on time, so we were summoned to the stage. Then they showed up while we were playing and the promoter was *trying* to be fair to everyone, and they cut our set short. The other band was litterally loading their gear on stage before we even got unplugged. It was kind of a nightmare. We even had a nice little turnout of friends come to see us. And then we didn't even get paid. Which we were also promised. The upside is that we were the only band on the bill that sold merch that night, and the sound guy at Arlene's Grocery asked for our CD and said we could come back anytime. (PS: we document many of our experiences at if you'd like to check it out)

Q: tell us about being on the television show you were on recently.

Rebec: Lovie has been very fortunate to play on local TV 3 times. We played on the Gordon Keith show on WFAA last year and then this year on Fox 4 Good Day and on TXA Ch 21's Soundcheck. The last two were to promote our UltraViolet Rock Show for CF (see 3 questions below here for more info!) - It's quite fun being on TV! You only have to play one song, but it's very quick, and it's LIVE so there is a lot of personal pressure to play that one song perfectly. Playing on TV feels a lot like riding a roller coaster. You wait and wait and build up all of this nervous energy, and then you finally play the song and it's over in 3 minutes and then you want to do it again. As soon as possible!

Q: what's next for Lovie? future plans?

Rebec: Lovie has enough songs for a new record. Right now we're trying to figure out who we'd like to record with and where. The plan is to get in the studio this summer.

Q: where is the name Lovie from? how did that come about?

Rebec: I was watching Gilligan's Island and when Thurston Howell III called Mrs. Howell, "Lovey," a little light bulb turned on above my head. I loved the name. Thought it would make a great name for my all-girl band which didn't exist yet at that time. But I changed the spelling because a couple of weeks after I fell in love with the name, I was rummaging through my CDs and came across The Lemonhead's "Lovey." I could have handled stealing from Thurston, but not Evan Dando!

Q: tell us about the special charity event you put on every year and why you do it.

Rebec: Lovie and my husband's band, El Gato, host a yearly charity concert called The UltraViolet Rock Show and Art Auction for CF. My 3-year old daughter has Cystic Fibrosis. The concert is our way to help raise money for the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation in the hopes that someday (*soon*) we can find a cure for CF.

you can find Lovie all over the web!

Lovie is: Rebecca Dixon (guitar-singer/songwriter), Cari J. Weinberd (Farfisa Organ), Leanna Bates (drums), Kristen DeRocha (bass-harmonies)