Sunday, January 3, 2010

Q&A: Joe Queer of the band The Queers

I've gotten to know Joe Queer about as well as anyone over the years. Saw the Queers perform live in many different lineups over the years, from '92-'93 up to the present. Joe is a great singer and guitarist, and has the double talent of being able to write great sweet pop songs about girls as well as hardcore punk rock ditties that even the mohawk punkers enjoy. He's released many albums and vinyl records on many labels, toured the world and achieved success few in the music industry can, doing it all DIY and is still touring, recording and producing records. I'm very happy to be his associate and comrade and he took the time for this great Q&A! Enjoy!

Q: you've been doing this a long time. what has enabled you to keep doing this at a successful level and make enough cash to stay afloat?

Joe: Eh we have a good fanbase that let's us tour a lot. I'm in the process of
opening a studio and staying home more though. I still like to tour but I
miss my wife and dogs when I leave home nowadays.

Q: how have things changed over the years and do you like how they've changed?

Joe: Well I sobered up so that's the biggest thing. Plus I have a bunch of guys
that are great to tour with. In the old days we'd just f***ing argue and
get f***ed up most of the time so touring was a complete mess.

Q: what sort of guitar do you play and why? do you have a favourite go-to guitar you like best and why?

Joe: I play a Bill Nash Relic Strat. ( it's the best Strat I've
played and I used to own a '64. I have a humbucker in it and that's about it. I'm in the process of getting a Bare Knuckle Warpig humbucker. Bare Knuckle pickups are supposed to be the best boutique pickups out there. Some dude in England makes them by hand. Right now I have a Dimarzio Evolution cause my Duncan Invader broke.I like them both pretty well but can't wait to try the Warpig.

Q: what sort of guitar amplifier do you like to use and why?

Joe: '87 Marshall JCM800 100 watt and an '81 Marshall JCM800 50 watt. I won't use anything else.They're what Johnny Ramone used too.

Q: do you use effects pedals?

Joe: Don't use pedals. Too many kids onstage kicking them around. Plus I don't need them.

Q: do you have any personal favourite songs of yours you've done over the years and why do you like those better than the others?

Joe: Kicked Out Of the Webelos and Wimpy Drives Thru Harlem. I like playing them more than any others. Not sure why.

Q: alot has been made over the years about your friendship with a Mr. Ben Weasel. Do people think you guys are at odds because of your song "Ben Weasel" or what? Is there ever going to be a Queers/Weasel tour?

Joe: At odds? Eh Ben's a good pal of mine. Just got a message from him last weekend. Love to do a Weasel tour but other than a once off I doubt we'll tour. They don't want to tour-just do a few shows here and there which I think is great. They're one of my fave punk bands of all time.

Q: You've done a few music videos. Did you have fun doing them? are there more to come in the future?

Joe: We might do more-for some reason we haven't done any lately. I guess no one has asked us to do them. But we might for the next album.

Q: what are you working on right now, and what's next for you?

Joe: We're just finishing up a tour this weekend. Then I'm moving back to Atlanta and getting my studio together. At some point in the next few months we'll finally record our next album. I've been so busy recording bands I haven't written many songs. I like producing better lately.

Q: are there any crazy tour stories you can legally tell us about?

Joe: Um not for print no.

Q: who can downstroke faster, you or Dan Vapid?

Joe: Oh God I'm way faster than Dan and he'll admit it. In the Queers we do more Ramonesy stuff than the Methadones. he's a great guitar player though and could easily play as fast as me with practice.He's a monster on guitar.

Q: what other bands or artists do you listen to regularly? do you have any favourites?

Joe: Jesus and Mary Chain and The Beach Boys. Leslie Gore. The Turtles. Dick Dale. Black Flag.Stuff like that.

Q: where have you toured that you like better than other places?

Joe: Brazil is my fave place with Italy and Spain a close second and third.

Q: do you hate long interviews or not care?

Joe: Eh they're ok.

Q: Do people ever think you and I hate each other due to my song "Joe Queer sucks"? Do people need to get a sense of humour?

Joe: Yeah one of the problems with punk bands now is none of them can laugh at themselves which was a huge part of punk in the beginning. I mean tons of bands had great messages but they got their point across with humor. The DK's were goofing on themselves as well as everyone else.

Q: do you ever watch pro wrestling?

Joe: No.

Q: do you have a large baseball cap collection? do you even like baseball?

Joe: Haha I have a few caps. I like baseball and root for the Boston Red Sox. Which is a good thing right now as they're doing really well this year.

Q: is Hotlanta cooler than the east coast? why or why not?

Joe: Hotlanta is a hot place. I am not a southerner but my wife hates NH so we're moving back. I like it ok though. I don't really care where I live-could be Boise or Anchorage or Honolulu. All the same to me.

Q: Do you recall the time you ran into myself and Johnie 3 in a truck stop Burger King in 2004?

Joe: Haha awesome! yeah I think of that whenever I drive by the Vince Lombardi rest area on the jersey pike.

Q: anything you'd just like to spout off about?

Joe: Yeah the drives on this tour are too long but hey it's a job!

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