Sunday, January 3, 2010

Q&A: Pinup model Dayna Delux

I've had the pleasure of knowing Dayna for many years. She's always been very sweet, very personable, and at only 5' 1", she's an absolute doll! She looks ageless and from her early career with the Campbell agency to her freelance work now, her reputation is growing with each appearance. It's been great watching her achieve success with her modelling from afar, and now she's known far and wide. Her bio and resume is HUGE! (read it at: Congratulations on her new baby and all her successes. She indulged me with a little Q&A between her newborn baby responsibilities. Read on!

Q: How long have you been modelling and such? And what all do you do these days? Enlighten my readers.

DD: I started really modeling in 2005 and moved to California late in the year. I do many different jobs like magazines, car shows, clothing companies, shoe companies, guest appearances, etc.

Q: You've been around a bit. Do you remember Retrokitten? (Retrokitten was a networking site for photographers and models before there were any social networking sites like myspace or facebook. I had a profile on there early on myself)

DD: I remember RetroKitten! I think I still have a page there but haven't checked it in a long time.

Q: How's the twittering been for you? Is it fun?

DD: Im addicted to twitter right now. Its a place for my random thoughts and marketing. I like keeping track of my friends too.

Q: How do you find time for everything between work and work and family?

DD: Its hard and now with my newest addition to the family its going to be more difficult but I'll find a way!

Q: What are your favourite events to participate in over the years?

DD: I love all the car shows. It's great to get paid for going to a show I would have gone to anyway!

Q: What's your beauty routine like? Are there any products you specifically use to stay looking ageless?

DD: I do like Prescriptives cleanser, Lancome's moisturizer, Lancome's Artline and Dr.Brandt's eye cream. They've been a part of my routine for many years!

Q: I'm assuming you have a crazy collection of outfits and shoes. Where do you find everything and what are some of your favourite items if I assumed correctly?

DD: I have 2 extra closets full of my shoes and clothes. Most of my shoes are from Penthouse shoes which I got most of them for modeling for the line. Most of my clothes are given to me for modeling too. some of my favorites are my corsets from Versatile Fashions.

Q: Are you a bag lady? I mean, do you have a giant purse/handbag collection? Any favourites you like and why?

DD: I do have a large collection of bags but I usually stick with just one. My Trophy Queen and Dungaree Dolly Bags are my favs.

Q: Are there any photographers and other models you like working with more than others?

DD: Not really, Ive had a great time with them all.

Q: Do you have any crazy stories from any of your jobs you can legally share with us?

DD: I have tons of stories but nothing I can talk about without embarrassing myself or someone else.

Q: What's living in southern cal like compared to Dallas? Do you like it better there?

DD: No, people in Cali are different from Texas people. Southern hospitality, ya know. I love southern California, there's so much to do and Hollyweird is where its at!

Q: Have you learned how to surf?

DD: I never learned to surf even though my husband is a surfer. Now that I live in Vegas it'll probably never happer.

Q: Have you ever been to Rae's Diner in Santa Monica?

DD: No I haven't but Ive heard about it!

Q: What artists or bands do you like to listen to regularly?

DD: There are so many to list. I love my old country and 80's.

Q: Do you play any instruments yourself?

DD: No but Ive always wanted to play the violin.

Q: What Does the future hold for the great Dayna Delux?

DD: Hopefully I can continue to model for a few more years and maybe make my way into acting. Fingers Crossed!

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