Sunday, January 3, 2010

Q&A: Royal Crush of the Green Country Roller Girls

I got to meet Sylvie Thompson, AKA Royal Crush, at a Assassination City roller derby bout recently. She's one of the Green Country roller girls from Tulsa, Oklahoma. Everyone knows I love tall athletic girls, so I had to get her up on the blog. After After my gmail botched an attempt at the standard Q&A, I threw her a curve with my new random topic format. Here's what happened:

Topics: shamwow. bubblebath. the price is right.
RC: shamwow - my cat just got a haircut and my friend said she looks like a shamwow
bubblebath- hellz yeah
the price is right- I'm bummed I never got a chance to kiss Bob. One day I'd love to play plinko. best. game. ever.

Topics: yellow legal pad vs white paper. college ruled vs regular lined paper.
RC: yellow cuz it's my fav color and college ruled because regular makes you feel like a kid. who wants to write that big anyway?

Topic: bottled water brands.
RC: I never met a water i didn't like.

Topic: people who pee in the pool.
RC: should swim in my toilet.

Topics: Roswell/aliens. atomic bombs.
RC: aliens are real. bombs are for men with little....wait. what was the question?

Topics: Mcdonalds vs Burger king.
RC: Mcdonalds all the way.

Topics: hot tub. steamroom. sauna. the gym.
RC: yes, yes, no and and a rink please.

Topics: guitars. live concerts. bars.
RC: I have 6 guitars. My newest baby is my takamine. She's named play-doh. True story. I heart concerts. Saw Jonny Lang recently...blew me away. Looking forward to airborne toxic event in Tulsa later this year. bars....hmmm, well i don't frequent them much these days unless it's a derby after party.

Topic: toploader vs sideloader wash machine.
RC: upside down would be awesome.

Topics: dryer sheets. laundry detergent. shampoo/conditioner.
RC: I hate doing laundry. but I prefer gain. makes me smell pretty.

Topics: grills.bling. rims that cost more than the hooptie they are on.
RC: oh, don't get me started.

Topics: rollerderby/your derby league. your roller skates.
RC: roller derby is my new love. I skate for the green country roller girls in Tulsa, OK. my skates - ridell

Topics: singing. recording studios. MP3s/CDs/Vinyl/bands
RC: music is my life. I recently graduated with my bachelors in music. I've done opera, musicals, you name it. Since school, I've really focused on my songwriting. I play a lot of shows around town, just me and my guitar. I've turned one of my rooms into my home recording studio and hope to have my first album out soon. I love all forms of music, but lately I have really gotten into vinyl. I got a record player a couple of years ago for christmas and I dig it.

Topics: bowling.shuffleboard. cruise ships. badminton.
RC: never been on a cruise and I suck at all those games! lol

Topics: oklahoma. texas. truck stops. dinosaurs.
RC: oklahoma is fabulous. truck stops yes, if they have a wicked diner. I want to be a dinosaur when I grow up.

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