Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Interview: Hip-Hop Group Freesol

By: Sarah S.

SR:  Freesol definitely isn’t the standard-issue-bored hip hop- How would you describe your sound? 

FS: I would describe it as a hip hop fusion with the hopes of beginning an evolution of hip hop by really incorporating instruments, not just in a rock or jazzy way, done by groups like The Roots, Linkin Park, Chilli Peppers, and so on. Instead, we hope to successfully blend rap, blues, rock, soul, pop, and all other worldly music into one, in a way that sounds original but familiar.  FreeSol is all about the live show.  With our performances, we want to be a light for some of those younger performers out there to really fall in love with music and not just rap. When they really learn to love "music" that's when hip hop and all other forms of music will evolve and our appetites for great entertainment will continue to grow and be satisfied.

SR: Where does most of the inspiration for your music come from? 

FS: The inspiration just comes from a couple of places. One, would be by just living. Most of our songs come from my personal experiences. Two, would be honestly out of the desire to make a living by doing something I absolutely love. The possibility of making a shit load of money by doing something I would do anyway,  inspires the hell out of me!

SR: We understand that Freesol hails from Memphis, Tennessee, what would you all say is the best thing about the south?

FS:  A. The food! Best bbq in the world! Hands down! Best fried chicken, in the world! "Gus' fried chicken! And my grandmother lives in Memphis and I bet she can cook better than your grandmother!
     B. The women! Southern hospitality is a real thing ;-) and I notice it right away the moment I leave the south. And who doesn't love the accent of a southern bell??
    C. The people in general. There is so much culture in the south. You have places like Memphis, New Orleans, and Atlanta where the people and the culture keep people from all over the world saying the soul of the south is like no other. I love NY, LA, and Miami but there is just nothing like home!

SR: The track “Role Model” was awesome! In your own words, what idea and message were you trying to convey to the public? 

FS: The video is pretty much self-explanatory. We aren't here to be your role model. A Rockstar? A success? Your man on the side? Yeah, sure but I'm not a fucking role model! I'm just trying to do me. I have a daughter and a family, I don't have time or the desire to be anything more than your favorite performer, if I can be so lucky! I have my own issues and believe me; I am going to make many mistakes. When I make those mistakes I won't owe you an apology or an explanation. The only person I may need to explain myself to is my little girl. Instead of making people your role model, I think you should focus on that voice inside of you. We all have it. Its telling you exactly who you are and what to do but you have to learn how to hear it. You do that by not making people you don't know your role model and looking within.

SR: Do you all have role models? If so, who? 

FS: I don't have any role models. I admire and appreciate Prince, Andre 3000, Cornel West, Ghandi, MLK, Rick Rubin, Russell Simmons, the story of Jesus, and many more but there isn't another Role I want to model myself after. I haven't seen anybody that cool yet!

SR: Your latest single “Fascinated” is blisteringly good. What’s your favorite thing about this song?

FS: The first line! "Ah, hell! Here comes the pursuit of happiness." To me it describes exactly how I feel and what we are trying to do.

SR: You’ve been able to work with music legends including the amazing Timbaland, and equally as epic, Justin Timberlake. What was it like recording with these guys?

FS: Man, it was AMAZING! Sometimes I can't believe that it’s happened. JT is a genius and such a blessed individual. Being around him is intense, chill, and educational all in one! He is so talented.  Dude, is a big chunk of inspiration, and executive producer of our debut album No Rules, and we’re all so thankful to know him. Timbaland is a guru and normality isn't even a part of his world- he’s mind-blowing!

SR: We’ve noted that Freesol has a unique presence in the music world. What are you all bringing to the hip-hop industry that’s different than what most artists are doing now?

FS: The answer is simple. We are just bringing ourselves; who we really are. If all artist would do this then it would be impossible for one to be too much like the other.

SR: I’m a bit of a music nerd so I have to ask you all:
SR: E. Ives & Mo D‘ Anger, what guitar/bass are you playing now and why?

MD: I play 5string fender jazz basses and a MusicMan stingray they both are very versatile and have GREAT playability and tone! And my newest instrument is my KITARA by misadigital! It has all the functionality of a guitar but all the options of a synthesizer! It's the best of BOTH worlds for me.

EI: - I play Gibson Les Pauls because I can't find anything else with more balls and unique character.

SR: Kickman Teddy: favorite kit? And if you had to pick: Tama or Pearl?

KT: Tama. Because of the feel and great sound quality. Oh and Zildjian cymbals.

SR: DJ Charlie White: What equipment are you using? 

CW: Im using 2 Technic 1200 Turntables with a Rane TTM 57 Mixer. Serato control Vinyl included.

SR: And Free: If you could work with any hip-hop artist, dead or alive, who would it be and why?

FS: That's a hard one for me to answer. I loved Tupac, I'm crazy about Kanye, but I think today my answer is Eminem. He's incredible! But then again I fucks with Luda real hard and T.I.P. is the king so.... Hell, I hope I work with all of them!

SR: What do you all like to do when not making music? 

FS: When I'm not making music, I love to watch movies. I'm at my happiest when I get off the road and get to come home, roll up, sit down and watch movies or my favorite tv shows like Dexter, True Blood, Weeds, Bill Maher, Real Housewives ( I love them all but D.C. I even like Basketball wives, mayne!) I also, love to spend time with my family. My mother, father, sister, niece, baby's mother, and child give me all the love and support I need. My granny still cooks almost every Sunday. Still one of my favorite things to do.

SR: When should we be expecting Freesol in Florida? Any plans for a tour? 

FS: Hopefully, we will be running through Florida this spring. We'll let you know as soon as we do!

SR: Where will Freesol be in five years? 

FS: Wherever we want to be!

Check out Freesol’s new single “Fascinated” Featuring Justin Timberlake and Timbaland! Now available on Itunes!