Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Interview: Indie artists AlunaGeorge

By: Sarah S.

AlunaGeorge has been gaining momentum since their debut-single release of "We Are Chosen/Analyser" in May. Tradesheets, zines, and blogs near and far, have been buzzing about AlunaGeorge since this summer. The group's popularity has skyrocketed in a few short months with no signs of stopping. The duo's August release of their "You Know You Like It" music video has had over 40,000 views, with the track being picked up by DJ's across the UK.

The highly anticipated  "You Know You Like It" Remix EP drops November 28th! You don't want to miss this. AlunaGeorge is definitely an act to watch out for!

SR: AlunaGeorge is by far one of the most unique duos I’'ve heard in a while. How would you describe your sound?

A&G: Soulful pop songs with weird noises behind them.

SR: Where does most of the inspiration come from?

G: Hearing wonderful music normally. Could be one sound on a song that makes me want to write or an amazing melody. Loads of different things but generally just good music.

A: stories i hear about people's lives the things i'd never say.

SR:How do you formulate the right sound for each song? Any musical influences?

A&G: We have a huge spotify play list so we always start a session by listening to new or old artists- often old soul or classic hip hop. But when we get started it's a case us bouncing off each other to move a track forward.

SR: Is AlunaGeorge currently touring? If not, are there plans to tour soon?

A&G: Not currently but some time next year when the Album is ready. Can't wait to do it though, it's super fun playing stuff live after it just being the 2 of us in the studio for so long.

SR: How about a full length album? Will we be seeing one out soon?

A&G: In Novemmber we're releasing a remix Ep, then next year possibly another EP but definitely a full length album by the end of 2012

SR: As music innovators, what do you think music today is lacking or overusing?

G: Would be amazing to hear a guitarist do something genuinely different in a popular band. Someone that will have a similar impact like Tom Morello or Johnny Greenwood.

A: i think there's something for almost anyone out there, it's just hard to find it through the internet mist.

SR: Aluna, I’'ve noticed your gorgeous frocks in the “"We Are Chosen”" music video and the “"You Know You Like It”" video. I'’m jealous. Who’'s your fave designer at the moment & what’'s your favorite item in your closet?

A: I loved the hooded poncho by "Finders Keepers" and the stringy waistcoat by "Sara Bro Jorgensen" in the YKYLI video found by my stylist Aimee Croysdill and I really like "Felder Felder" but my favourite item in my closet is this huge cream hand knitted cardigan that I found on top of a skip.  Can't beat knitwear!

SR: George, when not making music, what’'s your favorite pass time?

G:  Keen sports fan.

SR: [AlunaGeorge] What’s your favorite movie?

G:  Can i say the Bourne trilogy? Everything the latest james bond films wish they could be.

A: At the moment it's drive - sexy film, sexy soundtrack, perfect combo

SR: Which is better: Ice cream or popsicles?

G: ice cream

A: ice cream

SR: Where will AlunaGeorge be one year from now? How about five years from now?

A&G: Hopefully in many places out of nice speakers

SR: Where can our readers find more music and info?

A&G: , facebook and soundcloud