Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Interview: Musician Nick Black

By: Sarah S. 

SS: Nick black, quite possibly one of the greatest men ever! How’ve you been?

NB: You are too kind. You should be careful, my ego is already huge, I don't want it to pop, LOL. I have been pretty good overall. Dealing with some sour RL crap but it'll pass :)

SS: How would you sum up your music?

NB: My music is kind of a map of who I am.... Sometimes I catch things in my own lyrics and go, "whoa- did I say that?"... I write and produce what comes out naturally. Over the years I can see different styles pushing through that reflect what I was going through at the time.

SS: New album out I hear! What’s that all about?

NB: The new record is a little more self awareness oriented, I guess. It's very introspective. There's a few songs on there that in a strange way are like me talking to myself. Weird I know, but true.

SS: What inspired you to start creating music?

NB: I grew up loving it. I started recording my songs in my teens on a little 4 track recorder, I must have thousands of songs! The more I do it, the more I want to do it. It's an addiction to me.

SS: On your 2008 release, “Hollow”, a lot of the songs definitely sounded like they were aimed at someone in particular. Were they or was it more of a plethora of romantic experiences you’ve had?

NB: Little bit of both I guess... A lot of it was about my relationship at the time, which was disintegrating. But then there's some other stuff in there too that kind of drew on the past...

SS: Would you consider yourself a heartbreaker or heartbroken?

NB: I've been both :) Mostly the heartbroken though. Life and love do that.

SS: Would you say that love and loss play leading roles in your music?

NB: Absolutely. Seems to be what I always gravitate to in terms of subject matter.

SS: Are you out on tour or making plans for one?

NB: Hoping to get something happening in the coming year!

SS: Currently, what are some of your fave artists and/or songs?

NB: I love a lot of different stuff. 3 Days Grace, 30 seconds to Mars, Nine inch Nails, older Metallica, Breaking Benjamin, Tool, Perfect Circle, I could go on.... The funny thing is though, whenever I'm in writing mode, I force myself NOT to listen to anything but what I'm working on. So I can refine it and make it better. I guess in those times I don't want to get ideas from other bands, so I abstain from putting it in my head.

SS: Your fans are a force of nature! What’s the craziest thing a fan has done on your behalf?

NB: Gotta be tattoos. More of them have been done than I can believe!

SS: I think the world is well aware of how much your fan base loves you! Any message you’d like to broadcast to all the “Blacklisters” out there?

NB: I would like to say, loud and clear: I LOVE YOU GUYS. Without my fans, I would still be playing musing to my cat. In all honesty, it means SO much to me that my music actually matters to people out there, and that's what keeps me going.

SS: If you could change one thing about the world today what would it be and why?

NB: I would make it so there was instant Karma! Like, you rip someone's wallet off and you run around the corner and get hit by a mugger, who steals all you've got. LOL, I think that would make people behave differently. I have had my kindness taken advantage of, and I always tell myself "what comes around goes around..." -It would be nice if you could actually witness it!

SS: For my own personal knowledge (as well as the gaggle of girls out there who fawn over you); Are you single and mingling or happily occupied?

NB: Should I plead the 5th? :) LOL, to be honest, I'm happily occupied :)

SS: So, with your sophomore release under your belt, what’s next for Nick Black?

NB: Already working on another one. Just upgraded the studio, and anxious to try out my new toys :)

SS: If there’s one thing you hope accomplish with your music what is it and why is it so important?

NB: I would just like to continue to do it, until I can't play anymore. It would be awesome to be able to become a huge Icon, but I'm fairly happy with just knowing that if I make music, people listen. Maybe I've already achieved exactly what I wanted to!