Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Interview: Pop Rock Artist Ignacio Val

By: Sarah S.

Ignacio Val is an up and comer sweeping the music industry by storm! The man’s already been on national television and has performed with some of Latin music’s greats. We came to know each other through Facebook and after some coercing, I talked him into an interview that reveals much about him as a musician and as well as the down to earth darling that he is.

SR: Ignacio Val! My favorite latin heart throb! How are you?

IV: Sarita!! I’m doing great thank God! Busy, busy but filled with blessings so no complaints at all ; )

SR: I know you’re a well renowned musician, how would you describe your sound?

IV: Well the type of music I do is Latin Pop Rock. I chose this genre because it allows me to be very versatile as a songwriter. I can write from ballads all the way to up tempo tunes, which helps me to have different kinds of flavors, colors and elements going on within my repertoire .

SR: As more of a pop artist or rock artist?

IV: I’m definitely in the middle. I LOVE all the commercial elements of Pop and at the same time I’m a FANATIC of all the powerful elements of Rock. It’s an amazing blend! There are very few limitations and it helps the project reach a much broader audience.

SR: I know you’re Bolivian which is muy bien! Are you originally from Bolivia? If so, what was the music scene like there?

IV: Yeah baby! I’m 150% Bolivian! Hahahaha I was born over there and moved here to LA 6 years ago. The music scene over there talent wise is great! There are many, many amazing singers and bands with TONS of talent and lots of potential. The problem is that there’s not really a defined industry going on making it really hard for an artist or band to export what they have to offer.
That’s why I really respect all those artists and bands that have been able to solidify a project. It’s twice as hard when one doesn’t have the right tools or resources to keep moving forward. Hopefully that will change soon.

SR: What/who is your biggest musical influence? Why?

IV: Elvis Presley. After watching him on TV and listening to his records, the King was the one who touched something inside of me. I knew that day even as a little kid with out a doubt that I wanted to be a Super Rock Star.
Elvis represents an evolution in music, he was unique, and created the whole “Rockstar” attitude concept! No wonder he was banned at a certain point in his career and ironically now after 33 years after his death, he is still one of the top selling artists in the world.

SR: What kind of guitar do you play?

IV: I play electric and acoustic guitar. I’m very proudly sponsored by Gibson Guitars.

SR: Do you play any other instruments other than guitar?

IV: I know piano basics and a little of the harmonica. I really would like to start developing them more, but I haven’t been able to find that extra time yet!
Hahahha hopefully soon.

SR: I know you visit Florida frequently, how did you feel about the crisis in the Gulf?

IV: That situation is something that just pisses me off! Just a couple of weeks ago I visited Miami for a couple of shows and one of the free days that we had, my management team and I decided to spend some time at the beach.
Those beautiful crystal waters were 80 degrees! It sounds pretty cool right? Well the point is that we realized how not too far from where we were there are so many beaches that because of this stupid mistake they have been ruined and now its going to take probably decades for these eco systems to get back to normal.
When this kind of stuff happens in our world I really feel ashamed to be a human. It’s very sad how we can ruin amazing treasures that we have in our world just out of greed.

SR: Do you have any new releases coming out that we should know about?

IV: I’m finally working on my debut album, under the production of Scott Pounds, a very talented upcoming producer with whom we have created a very fresh and edgy sound. Also, Michael Elsner has co-produced with us in a couple of songs.
The album will be done in a couple of weeks, God willing. Regarding the release, we don’t have a specific date yet, but I’ll keep you posted about it for sure.

SR: If you could work with anyone in the world, dead or alive, who would it be and why?

IV: I feel very blessed and grateful to have the team that I have working with me, they all are extremely professional and super talented. But I wont lie, if I could have the opportunity to work with Desmond Child one day it would be one of my biggest dreams come true.
Desmond, for me is one of the BEST producers in the world, he has worked with all the artists that have influenced me since I was a little kid. Artists like Aerosmith, Bon Jovi, Robbie Williams, and many more… He is the man!

SR: Out of all the songs you’ve written, which is the closest to your heart and why?
IV: Wow! Hard question! All of my songs are my babies! It’s like asking a parent to choose which one of their kids is their favorite one! Hahahaha But I confess that I have very special feelings for “Sin Ti” which is the first song that I wrote. The reason why it has such a special meaning to me is because it showed me that I was able to translate my emotions into words, which in turn I feel has made me a good songwriter. Being able to do this has been one of my biggest accomplishments in life so far.

SR: What’s it like being a working musician in the industry today?

IV: Well in my case it has been kind of tough. It has required huge doses of faith in God and what he has in store for me along with pure hard work, discipline, and patience. But when I see the results of this formula it really brings me lots of satisfaction… it’s totally worth it!.

SR: What business advice would you give to struggling musicians everywhere?

IV: I really don’t know if I can go around giving advice to people. But I could share what this experience has been teaching me so far is that in these times we as artists should see our careers as companies.
The artist nowadays has to think of themselves as a product, learn about strategies in marketing, keep high standards of production, have an amazing work ethic, social skills, think outside the box, see opportunities where others don’t and learn to take the risks like any
big company with vision would.
But the most important elements to succeed are having Faith, integrity, discipline, hard work and tenacity.

SR: Final question and by far the most important: By any chance are you single and looking?

IV: I’m in a long term relationship… with my career! Hahahahaha As for right now I’m single but always open to the possibility of finding one of these days the woman of my dreams!