Friday, February 19, 2010

Q&A: Brendan Brown AKA BBB of Wheatus!

I've never met Brendan Brown from the band Wheatus, but I did like the single "Teenage Dirtbag" they had released many moons, ago, which landed a slot on the soundtrack for the movie "Loser". My Floridian accomplice Sarah Rocks and I were discussing the song one night, and she decided to contact him via the wonders of the internet and voila! An entertaining and informative blog post for all you little creeps in internetland out there. Triple B is a pretty cool dude, had fun with the random topic format and I am pleased to now be his gmail acquaintance.

Topics: Rubiks cube, Rubiks snake, simon, guitar hero, deejay hero

BBB: Rubiks cube: As a kid I was WAY more interested in living creatures than in plastic puzzles. I always thought it was neat that some kids would simply pull the damn stickers off and solve it by placing them back on the right sides. Rubiks PWNED, if you will....The same goes for the snake. I had several real snakes and preferred them to plastic ones...besides, toy puzzles don't eat live mice and rats.

BBB: simon: Haaaated it. That game is designed to train sheep.

BBB: guitar hero: As a real guitarist I am afraid to play it, lest it detract from my actual shredding skills which are formidable....but we have just finished a Teenage Dirtbag version for Rockband next year so take that.

BBB: deejay hero: Seems very cool but I have not yet played it....I do have a MASSIVE vinyl collection and we are releasing Pop, Songs and Death Vol. 1 AND 2 on vinyl next year...attached are some pics of me cutting a test acetate with my friend Paul from Vinyl rules.

Topics: boxer, briefs, tighty-whiteys, speedos, board shorts

BBB: I have gone commando since 1988. I cannot understand nor can I abide the concept of mens underwear. As a consequence I do not own a single pair of Boxers, Tighty-whiteys, or board shorts and I would be quick to consider that speedos are in fact some sort of medieval torture device conceived by religious fundamentalists. Free ball or f*** off.

Topics: macs, PCs, commodore 64s, atari 2600

BBB: Macs!!!!.....I hate PC's although I am forced to use one in the case of our Sonoma DSD Multitrack recording system. Regretfully, Sonoma will not run on a Mac. So we own 1 Dedicated PC and 5 Macs, not including iPhones. I used to have a Commodore 64 when I was a kid and I know nothing of Ataris except for the horrifying sound that Pong makes....was it Pong?

Topics: energy drinks, sodas, espresso, drip coffee, juice

BBB: Massive quantities of strong drip coffee, tons of water and lots of tea....I hate energy drinks. Most juice has too much sugar in it.

Topics: mardi gras, spring break, day of the dead, new years day

BBB: Day Of The Dead.....but you skipped Festivus.

Topics: john sencio, idalis, kennedy, kurt loder, tabitha soren

BBB: Kennedy: I'd hit it.....Who is John Sencio? Kurt Loader: an honorable and respectable journalist, something MTV obviously has no use for. Tabitha Soren: um, grrrrreat!

Topics: soul train, the grind, so you think you can dance, dance dance revolution

BBB: I only dance at weddings when I am incredibly drunk and I am very very good at it...I usually wind up clearing the floor. I can break dance and Tom Delay is an a**hole.

Topics: pants, jeans, jorts, capris, cargo shorts, leggings

BBB: None of the above, I usually wear one of several sweat suit pants that I have, some velour, some not, all XXL.

Topics: visors, ball caps, berets, tams, toboggan hats, cowboy hats, fedoras

BBB: Toboggan hats...I have several....what is a Tam?

Topics: electric guitars, acoustic guitars, guitar amps, guitar strings, effects pedals

BBB: I only use acoustic guitars with Tomastik Infeld Spectrum Bronze Strings....there has never been an electric guitar used on a wheatus record except for one single lonely overdub on the song "Sunshine" from our 1st record. I hate electric guitars. They are hateful unmusical things that should be used as firewood. In order to get the sound that I get on wheatus records I have a tremendous amount of processing gear namely the Digitech 2120 Artist preamp and a load of MIDI CC assignments....It's magic, like god. Guitar amps sound best when unplugged and used as boat anchors, or as ballast in a spacecraft.

Topics: skateboards, surfing, snowboarding, skiing, bobsled

BBB: BMX....I have a collection of vintage BMX bikes and I ride trails when ever I can...Suspension frames are for pussies.

Topics: two-man luge, biathlon, pole vault, high jump, javelin throw, lawn darts

BBB: Two-man Luge....I mean, those people are crazy....But I have always held lawn darts to be mythical because of the numerous accounts of suburban 4th of July accidents that they are associated with....more dangerous than fireworks, says I (eye).

Topics: bling, grills, tshirts so long they look like mumus, rims thatcost more than the hooptie they are on, jorts so long they are like pants

BBB: I can appreciate bling but only if it's a been applied to fake stuffed animals....For instance, I have a Bling Shark at home on the wall. I own and regularly wear Mumu shirts. I cannot afford rims that are more expensive than my car. I love a long a** jort.

Topics: mcdonalds, BK, wendys, chick-fil-a, arby's, carls jr, subway,
cracker barrel

BBB: Cracker rules because our keyboard player cannot eat there without experiencing a psychotic schism from reality. The rest are not REALLY food.

Essay question. pick two of three.

Q: Are there any funny or crazy tour stories you can legally share with us?


Q: What's the most embarrassing thing to ever happen to you as a teen/ adult?

BBB: I poop my pants sometimes....the proper nomenclature is "Shart"

Q: If johnny has 3 guitars, and sells 2, then buys 10, and then Ed
steals 3 of them and sells two then buys 8, and then Ed swaps 4 of his
for 3 of Johnnys, how many does johnny have?

BBB: There are 3 answers to this problem:

1) Did Ed swap WITH Johnny or with someone else?

2) Neither of them have any guitars because I kidnapped them both and sold their organs on the black market....I burned all the guitars to keep warm through the winter. I have a long beard and elves, who am I?

3) ....UM....9 if Ed swapped with Johnny, 8 if he did not..... I think? I smashed my cosign calculator against the wall during this question and had to use my cats to figure it out.....they are not very reliable with the math.

S&S: Lastly, please tell us all what you have going on presently creatively and musically, what are your future plans and how can everyone find you online?

BBB: wheatus just became the 1st band to ever release and album for the Playstation 3. I'm proud of that...can you tell? You can download it (Pop, Songs and Death Vol. 1, The Lightning EP) in many different formats, for free or donation here:

There is a movie called April Showers on iTunes right now with 2 of the songs from our new EP in it.

We are currently working on Vol. 2 and will release that exclusively on in April 2010. We will also be re-releasing our 1st record next year in a special 10th anniversary edition.

I love you,
brendan b brown