Sunday, January 3, 2010

Q&A: Jason Gauvin of the Prozacs

I've been blessed to know Jay for many years now. We've performed shows together on tour, shared the stage at the old CBGBs together and had many fun times. We both like each other's music and have mutual respect for each other, and I'm proud to call him a friend. He's also a fellow Daisy Rock guitar endorsee! His band the Prozacs rocks and it's about time you cretins checked them out! They got the east coast on lockdown and wouldn't you know it, his wife is a derby girl. What a coincidence. Jay took some time out of his busy sched. to get in a lil' Q&A with me. Enjoy and go getcha some Prozacs!

Q: what inspired your new song "the jam"?

J: My wife Andrya (a.k.a. Andy Nihilate ) skates Roller Derby for the Western Mass Destruction, of which I am a big supporter. The Prozacs have played a couple bouts and many Derby events in New England over the past few years, so writing a Derby Inspired tune just came naturally.

Q: are you jealous I got together a roller derby music video before you could?

J: Ha Ha!!! That’s rad you got in there with a Derby video...but I would not say I am jealous. We will hopefully be putting one together in the near future and then we can put them side to side on the track!

Q: the Prozacs have been around a long time. any crazy tour stories you can legally share with us?

J: One of the best might be after we played in Jersey with The Sheckies, The Apers, Johnie 3, The Leftovers…the day before the first Insubordination Fest in 2006, we partied at this girls house in Jersey and everyone was pretty trashed. All good fun and nothing bad happened. Well, Matty Prozac was pretty hung over and sick the next day and played the fest feeling like s**t. We had a fight on the way home from Baltimore ( I decided to get rid of a member after the fest and the band didn’t agree with my decision at the time ) and didn’t really talk much. He still felt sick though….and said he just drank too much. So I dropped him of at home ….and within like 4 hours, Matty was in the hospital getting his appendix removed.. He had ruptured it…partied, played the show and drove from Maryland to Massachusetts before knowing what was wrong. Thank god he found out when he did!

Q: what makes the east coast attitude so different?

J: With all the climate changes and states/cities being so close and clustered in the New England area…people are generally p****d of and rude I guess. It seems to be the reputation anyways. Things are a little more laid back and less busy as you go more south into the Carolinas though. Not really sure of how different the attitude is compared to the West Coast though.

Q: are you still involved with Loose clothing?

J: Loose has been kind of quiet the last 4/5 years or so. My wife and I are planning to make a return with it though. All in due time I guess.

Q: what made you want to be a rock and roller?

J: I guess just going to shows and getting into the music so much….just evolved into playing and living it as well. I have made some of my best friends and best times in this world of music. It was mainly for fun and the creative outlet…which still stand true today. I love being on stage and performing as well.

Q: Was it special to perform and record live at CBGBs?

J: It was definitely an awesome experience. The show was with 24 hours notice and the recording was just a sound board recording to have as a memory of playing CBGB’s. Putting it out as a release was an afterthought….but I am glad we did. We may not have another chance to ever play there, and it’s such an institution the world of rock music that many will only get to wish they had rocked there.

Q: Was the massachusetts mandatory healthcare thing a success? why or why not?

J: I don’t think so. Let’s force you to get health insurance…and if you can’t make it happen or afford it…then you get fined at tax time as well. I f***ing hate politics.

Q: Would you have voted for mitt romney?

J: No answer for you here. Sorry.

Q: What sort of guitar and amp do you play and why?

J: I play a Daisy Rock ‘Rock Candy Custom Special’ out of a Soldano Hot Rod 50 amp./Marshall 4x12 cabinet. I got an endorsement deal with a little help from Jay from Johnie 3 with Daisy Rock and just fell in love with the guitars. They play easy and smooth…and sound great. Been rocking them ever since. I had played thru Flav from Squirtguns Soldano rig a few years back and love how it sounded. I bought a Mesa Boogie instead. After about 3 years, I found a Soldano Hot Rod 50 on ebay and knew I wanted it…so I snagged it. It’s got that Marshall 800 quality but a little bit dirtier….which works great for me. It’s pretty much a no bulls**t amp. I can’t see using anything else any time soon.

Q: What's next for the prozacs?

J: Well, I am rolling with a fresh new line up….and we just released our newest album on 12” LP with Knowhere/No Breaks Records…and on CD with Cheapskate Records. Also at press is a split 7” with the McRackins from Vancouver Canada. We have some shows lined up…and hope to do some touring in the coming months.

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